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I met Wyonne after my first child was born looking for ways to get myself back into shape .I am
happy to say that she has been my life coach for last 17 years! Wyonne has been cheering me
on and making sure I care for myself in the midst of a crazy busy life. She has kept me in shape
while I have raised my two children and trained me through back and hip injuries by keeping me
strong and guiding me to make healthy choices. Everything she asks of me is attainable and
can be sustained long term. She is very knowledgeable and teaches weight programs, nutrition,
and healthy mind and soul through Yoga practice. There is no need for a gym as she can coach
you in a park or in your living room. Wyonne is very thoughtful to adjust the work outs as my
body changes and needs different things.I am forever grateful to Wyonne as she continues to
train me and be my friend.

- Christine Feleciano | 2002 – Present

Having only done yoga in a class a number of years ago I wasn't sure what to expect from personal yoga sessions with Wyonne. After meeting with her for over a year I find my flexibility & fitness levels have improved dramatically! Wyonne has amazing knowledge about what exactly to guide me through based on any given health challenge that I happen to be facing. I am 63 years old and in the best physical condition of my life since working with her. She pushes me to try poses that at first I say I probably won't be able to accomplish. Much to my surprise because of her skill in matching her teaching style to my needs I am usually able to accomplish it! Wyonne has changed the way I looked at yoga and I now view it as a necessity in my life. I appreciate that she has continued throughout Covid to teach virtually without any compromise in my ability to learn new things. I highly recommend Wyonne. She will be my instructor for life! I can't thank her enough.

- Cheryl Hartzog | 2018 – Present

I was introduced to Wyonne when I was looking for a “fitness tune-up” several months before my 30th high school reunion. Sixteen years later, I’m now 62 years old, and still working with Wyonne as my Personal Trainer! Wyonne has helped me build and maintain core strength, improve my cardiovascular fitness, and given me a perspective on what an all-around healthy life style looks like. As a result, I’m able to get outside almost every weekend with friends and do some pretty strenuous hiking around the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

When we started together sixteen years ago, Wyonne would work with me every two weeks in the gym. Now that she has moved to Spokane, Wyonne still makes home visits to Portland every couple of months - that’s dedication! I do Wyonne’s workouts at home, using just a few pieces of basic equipment. She has also worked with me through several injuries, building back muscle strength and core fitness.


Wyonne is a stickler for detail - she’ll make minor “tweaks” to my workouts, which make a huge difference. More than just guiding workouts, sessions with Wyonne will encompass cardio, core strength and a look at nutrition. She definitely has a holistic approach to her teaching.


I highly recommend giving Wyonne a try - you won’t be disappointed!

- Laurel Aszman | 2004 – Present

I have been training with Wyonne for three and a half years. Since I began with her I have lost over 35 pounds, but I have gained much more than that. I was never athletic as a kid, so this has been a new experience for me. She has helped me grow stronger than I have ever been, which has allowed me to try new things in life that I never would have in the past. She pushes me to go further than I think I can each time we train together. Wyonne is very experienced in all aspects of fitness including weight training, cardio, yoga and nutrition. I really appreciate that she knows the most effective exercises so I continue to progress without injury. Wyonne is always very encouraging and makes me feel like I can do anything.

- Jennifer Roberts | 2009 – 2013

I was lucky enough to have Wyonne for my personal trainer when I was struggling with a back injury that set me back substantially. I could not have asked for anyone more patient and encouraging while I was striving to get back to my norm. Even better, Wyonne challenged me in a way that made me stronger without overstressing my injury. She tailored my workouts to my individual needs, which was essential to my success!


My situation was unique in that my injury was ongoing. I hurt my back on the job as a nurse, and because I had to keep going back to work, I never fully recovered until I got away from the bedside. So for three years, Wyonne worked with me at my level, taking cues from my physical therapists and doctors that I saw along the way. She was responsive to my condition, checking in with any exercise that might affect my back. Before I found Wyonne, I was hesitant to get a personal trainer, because I was concerned I might be inadvertently pushed beyond my limitations. I quickly found that Wyonne could not have been more receptive to my needs. She was always on the same page to get me better and was my biggest cheerleader. She was an essential part of my healing!


Today, I feel like a whole new person! Since I’ve gotten away from the bedside, I’ve been allowed to heal. Wyonne was right there with me as I got better, always ready to UP the challenge! Frankly, I was surprised at how strong I was coming out of that injury. I even took up running recently, which I absolutely never thought would be possible!


I moved cross-country to go to grad school, and I was so sad to leave Wyonne on the West Coast. But true to her level of dedication, she wrote out a workout guide for me, complete with descriptions and options for advancement as I progress. So even today, I’m still living off of the benefits of having Wyonne as my personal trainer!


I would highly recommend Wyonne to anyone who is looking to advance their level of physical fitness. Whether that means staying strong and rebuilding after an injury, or just looking to be challenged, and build strength and muscle, Wyonne will help you get the job done!

- Denise Jenn | 2014 – 2017

I began working with Wyonne three years ago because I was determined to find a way to build strength and become more active despite two chronic injuries. Wyonne worked with me to put together a regular routine that slowly and methodically addressed my injuries, while challenging me with a great full-body workout each session to increase my overall fitness.

Wyonne is exceptionally experienced and knowledgeable about all aspects of fitness, including diet, weight training, stretching and aerobic exercise and – perhaps most importantly – goal setting and mental readiness. I feel more fit than I have in decades. Although my chronic injuries will not magically disappear I now know how to stay fit and live freely with them. I would highly recommend Wyonne to anyone looking for a thoughtful partner in building their health and fitness.

- Caitlin Baggot | 2014 – 2017

I've been taking Wyonne's yoga classes for almost a decade.  I am  smiling as I type this since she refers to this as "forever".  Yoga is a wonderful complement to hiking and rock climbing.  My flexibility, strength, mental focus and peace of mind have greatly benefited from her teaching.  It has truly been a life changing experience that I hope to continue "forever".

 - Mike Nakamura | 2006 – 2016

I have known Wyonne for 10 years and she has trained me through many challenges.  She was instrumental in helping me lose weight and get back in shape after the birth of my first son (I have never been so strong and fit!) and then she continued to work with me during my second pregnancy.  After the birth of my second son, it became increasingly difficult to work out at the gym, so Wyonne began training me at home.  This has been absolutely wonderful.  My kids play for an hour while I get a workout in - no need to load the boys in the car, check into child care, or find a sitter - and they love to "help" Wyonne train me.  My oldest especially loves giving me encouragement during my pushups!  The greatest part about having Wyonne start training me at home is that I didn't have to spend a lot of money on equipment. A few barbell weights and an exercise ball is all Wyonne needs to make our workouts challenging and effective.  She is great at using what I have and creatively designing fun workouts.

Wyonne has become a great friend in addition to my trainer.  When I was diagnosed with uterine cancer at age 39, Wyonne gave me encouragement to keep making the necessary changes to my diet that will help me live cancer-free for many years to come.  She is a pleasure to be around and gives me a LOT of encouragement, discipline, and (gentle!) "tough love" when I need that extra push to achieve my fitness and nutrition goals.

 - Becky Owens | 2003 – 2015

Working with a Personal Trainer in my own home has provided me with the structure to get the regular exercise I need, and to stay motivated to do routine aerobic exercise on my own between weekly workouts. Personal Training with Wyonne has inspired me to keep it up for nearly 20 years and to make the expense a priority in my budget. When Wyonne moved to Spokane in 2018, we transitioned to Facetime workouts. I make a few small adjustments to furniture in my living room for each session and set my iPad against the couch. I can see and hear her very well and it works great! It is almost as good as seeing her in person!

Wyonne is always upbeat and a pleasure to see. I appreciate how she encourages me to push myself to a higher level of fitness while being sensitive to my aging body’s limitations. Personal Training with Wyonne makes me feel healthier and happier.

- Kevan  Anderson | 2002 – Present

I am 65 and have worked with Wyonne for the last 16 years. I have lost 50 lbs. and managed to keep it off thru her efforts with weight training, diet and yoga. I feel better today than the day I started with her. Everyone says I look 10 years younger than I am. Mostly thanks to Wyonne. The only reason we are parting now is because of her move out of state, otherwise I would be working with her for another 16 years.

Wyonne never forces change but works with you to make subtle choices in your life. I have never felt or eaten better in my life. When we first started, she had me keep a food journal of what I ate and drank. Each week she would review it and suggest small modifications. All the changes she has made have allowed me to feel less bloated and more energetic. As an example, Wyonne noticed that I liked to eat toast and peanut butter for breakfast. She suggested that I try almond butter instead since almonds were true nuts and would help my cholesterol (peanuts are just a legume) sure enough when I had my cholesterol testing done several months later, my good cholesterol was up enough that the doctor asked what I changed.

I told her I could never do yoga. She started working yoga poses into my core exercises without telling me what they were. One day, for our workout, she had me do all of those core exercises. When we were done, she told me that the whole workout was yoga and in fact this was her yoga lesson plan for the class later that night. I went and I knew all the poses in my first yoga class. I now love yoga and she turns out to be one of the best yoga instructors at our gym. When I needed to go out of town for business for a week, I complained that I would not have the use of a gym and was worried about how this would affect my training. Wyonne modified my exercise workout and taught me how to get a good hour workout with nothing more than what I found in any hotel room. Over the years, she has taught me hundreds of different forms of doing exercise. I know 10 different ways to work out almost any muscle group. Some involve equipment found at a gym while others involve only what you can find at home or work. Our exercise sessions are never boring or routine.

When you select a trainer, I urge you to watch them with their other clients before you select them. Most trainers seem only half focused on you and the rest of the time focused on others around them. They don't watch you or correct you as you work out. They are not good trainers, only babysitters. Wyonne focuses totally on you as if you are the only one in the room. When others come up to her, she says hi and immediately returns to you. If the other person is persistent, she will usually say "Can we talk in about 45 minutes when I am done with my client? I'll come find you" For me, this is a quality that I deeply respect. Wyonne is a stickler for form. With proper form you will never hurt yourself but will achieve the maximum workout for your muscle group. During the week, I go to a different gym closer to my house and I am always getting compliments from other trainers on how good my form is. None know Wyonne.

Whenever I have a question that Wyonne does not know the answer, she admits it and has the answer the next time we meet. It is not uncommon to have her bring in several articles to address the subject of my question. I would recommend Wyonne to anyone who asks. She is in the top 1% of personal trainers and she is also a fantastic yoga instructor. Thanks

- Greg Buehler | 2001 – Present

A year and a half ago, at age 51, I felt guided to begin working out. As a healer by profession, I run a lot of energy and realized that I needed to build up some strength in my body. I weigh 105 lbs, am in excellent health, though I had never formally exercised or done weight training, outside of hiking, dancing, or occasional yoga. I had never felt the need nor had the motivation.

I trained with Wyonne three times a week and kept it up faithfully for over a year. I found Wyonne to be knowledgeable, patient, and sensitive to my needs and preferences. At the same time, she challenged me to find my edges and go beyond them. Many days I showed up only because she was waiting for me. By the end of our year together, I had come to really enjoy lifting weights, and I had internalized the motivation and the confidence that she provided for much of that year. I also appreciated Wyonne’s punctuality and commitment to her own health and training. She doesn’t just teach it, she lives it.

The training with Wyonne changed my life. I am stronger, my body is tighter, leaner, and I feel fully more embodied and much healthier. The increased strength in my back resolved years of ongoing back difficulties to the point the I “forget” to go to the chiropractor. I continue to work out three times a week, on my own, and often hear Wyonne’s guiding voice within me. I feel it is keeping me youthful, vibrant, and healthy.

- Sheila Foster | 1998 - 2000


I trained with Wyonne Van Epps once a week from January through August 2000 at Mountain’s Edge Fitness Center in Boulder, CO. Wyonne was recommended to me by the club’s membership director. I am a 45-year old white female with no weight issues but had not been working out regularly and worked a very busy, often stressful, job when I met Wyonne. She was very helpful in clarifying my fitness goals (toning and strength building) and extremely patient with my occasional ambivalence about the commitment to personal training.

Wyonne’s mellow personality, expertise in explaining the “why” of things to me, and the ability to create versatility in my workout made me a convert. And the compliments I received on my toned upper body after a relatively short period of time made me even more motivated to continue.

Based on my previous experiences with personal training in Vail and Chicago, the technical expertise and personality of the personal trainer make a huge difference in my motivation to stick to a personal training regimen. Wyonne embodied the perfect blend for me. I miss her! I would still be working with her if she had not relocated to Portland. You are going to really enjoy – and benefit from – working with her.

- Susan Connelly | 2000
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